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June 2018 


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Got tremendous news!  To date there is no audio bible available in the tojolabal language in Chiapas Mexico. Keep in mind there are more than 200,000 with some estimates 800,000 of these people in Mexico.  These people can not read or write.   We are working together with Wycliffe Bible translators to help these people.

In 1972 a Bible was created in this language. The translation is the only one of its kind. The problem has been and remains today that the people have not been able to read it.

We have searched diligently for solutions. God has given us the miracle.  As of today there is no recorded audio bible in this language.  Working together with our partners at Wycliffe bible translators we will produce the very first audio bible in this language ever made and will touch this people group for the first time in history with the Gospel!  What a miracle is happening right now!

Also, we are working on the Jesus film and bible stories in this language to help the people!!

Thank you and all who are partnering with us to reach the lost!

His for the Harvest,

Jerry Lynch

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