Guadalajara Ministry Update

By February 11, 2013News

We are so thankful for all God did through you this past year! We are celebrating the results together!

Over 150 men and women in the Guadalajara, Mexico Prison received Jesus as Lord of their lives this past Christmas! All the Spanish Bibles you helped to plant in this prison are in the hands of hungry hearts and the Word of God is accomplishing His wonderful work in their lives. Thank you for helping us to reach out further than we ever have and to touch more lives than ever before! God is Good! We are purposing to reach out to the Tzotzil and Tzeltal Indians of Chiapas, Mexico this year. We will be conducting a pastors conference in Chiapas Mexico this year. Many of these village pastors are preparing and expecting now for this conference this year. Your support will help send me to be there to minister to these leaders for one week. We want to see them so encouraged, so filled with the Spirit of God, so on fire for God, so confident of the vision and call God has placed on their life to see Chiapas won for Jesus! Please stand in agree- ment with us for the move of the Holy Spirit during this life changing conference this summer. We are expecting! We also will be giving out one Audio Bible per village in Tzotzil and Tzeltal to the illiterate Indians in Chiapas Mexico this year. Praise the Lord! We currently have 14 of these Audio bibles now. For every $100.00 gift we can purchase one of these audio bibles. We have need of 52 more of these radios now. In total, from last year the 34 you helped send and this year 66 we will together take 100 to change the lives of these Indians in Chiapas, Mexico. Thank you partners!

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