Guadalajara MX Prison Testimonial Letters

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These precious letters were written by prisoners in Guadalajara MX to testify of what God has done in them through the Spanish Bibles given by our partners! We hope that these letters will encourage countless others to give to missions and continue to support this outreach to Guadalajara MX this year. Together, we will send over 2,000 more Spanish Bibles to the Guadalajara Mexico Prison. Thank you in advance for your prayer and support! God Bless you all!

I have learned many things from the Bible. I learned to pray, to ask, and to listen. Although I still do not understand very well, but here my brothers are helping me apply every step of the word of God. I want to follow/continue learning more because I want to leave here well prepared so that I can teach others

about the word of God. It is for this that I am here, In order to learn much more and I ask for patience please. I want to learn!  – Juan Hernandez

moisesI write and give my testimony about the Word of God and what it has done in my life. Before I came to the feet of Christ, I did not understand anything of the Word. I was absolutely in disorder when I came to prison for a crime I committed, and I arrived destroyed, hurt, and with resentment for many people.

When I had the opportunity to read the Word of God it began to show me the many errors that I had made. It began to show me my sin and bad decisions… that people and family were not to blame for what I went through and that the responsible one for everything was myself. The Word of God confronted me when I began to read about the rebellion of the people of Israel and the prodigal son. I began to cry like a little boy hurting for all my sins. It was necessary because it showed me that the Word of God was cleaning me and taking away the things of the devil that did not work. With the Word of God I have found strength to go forward with my sentence and peace knowing that God has everyone’s time in His hands. Today, I cry reading the same passages that I started out with because I see that God loves me. I give thanks to God and our Savior Jesus Christ for the Word that heals & cleans. peace remains, strength remains, encouragement to go forward living remains, and eternal life remains! Amen  – Moises Sanchez

pedroI give thanks because reading the Word of almighty God has helped me and given me the strength to live.
For that I am appreciative! Every verse I read in the Bible guides me just like it says in Psalms 43:3.
O send out Your light and Your truth, let them lead me; let them bring me to Your holy hill and to Your dwelling. (Psalm 43:3 AMP)

Thank you! I appreciate you all! Amen – Pedro Flores

jorgeWell, to me this Bible that has come into my hands has served my life very much. Because thanks to the Bible I now know Jesus Christ and His plan He has for all of us. It has served me in my daily life because I used to be a man that only did bad, and through reading the Word of God it has shown me how to love myself and how to love others, to be humble, and of course to do good! To be a new creature in Christ Jesus! And I give thanks to God for the lives of my brothers that God sends that he keeps putting in their hearts to send more Bibles so they can come to new brothers who have come to the feet of Christ. For the new brothers that come and hand over and yield their lives to our Lord Jesus Christ and this way they also can have access to the Word of God!

Thank You! – Jorge Alberto Ramos Gutierrez