February 2014 Guadalajara, Mexico Outreach

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We are returning to Guadalajara, Mexico for ministry outreach this February.  Together, we believe God for a great harvest of souls!  We will be conducting evangelistic meetings and teachings during our time on this outreach. We covet your prayers for this mission outreach.  We can not do this alone.  We are so grateful for each and everyone of you.  May God’s richest and best continually be yours!
Philippians 4:19 And my God will liberally supply (fill to the full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

January 2014 Audio Bible Update

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TOGETHER, We are advancing the Kingdom of God.

We are so excited about this opportunity God has opened before us! Over the last few years, together we have helped over 50 villages in Chiapas Mexico receive an audio Bible in their own language. This is very significant due to the high illiteracy rate among these Indians. This year we are purposing to take 50 more of these self-contained audio Bibles to Chiapas Mexico. Each audio Bible will represent an entire village hearing the Gospel for the very first time in their own language. Each audio Bible is $100.00. Currently, we have 6 of these audio Bibles donated to this ministry. Please stand in faith with us for the other 44 audio Bibles needed this year to touch these villages for the Glory of God! Thanks in advance for your prayer and support!

July 2013 – Chiapas Mexico Update

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Thank you partners!  These 40 pastors represent thousands of people.  Together, we sponsored and ministered to them during this years pastors conference.  They were so blessed to receive the Spanish Study Bible that you helped them to receive.  This Study Bible will assist them to prepare rich and deep messages that will bless the people they pastor.  We experienced a move of the Holy Spirit in the lives of these men during the conference.  Many were encouraged and received direction from The Lord for the future.  One pastor shared his story with us.  He said,  “just before coming to the conference his family had been forced to leave his village, his home, his farm, and all his possessions because he was a Christian.”  He was so discouraged from everything that had happened.  After the conference was over, he shared that he had hope and knows he was blessed to suffer the things he did for the sake of the Gospel.  One other testimony was shared. This pastor following God’s leading headed out to this area to plant a church! He was met with extreem opposition from witches. He was told to leave, he was threatened and cursed by the witches. When he was looking for where the Church would be the mayor made him a generous offer for a piece of land at a cheap price. He prayed and accepted the offer. He did not know that the mayor and witches in the town had conspired against him. They didn’t want Christians in the village. They offered him cursed land. Every Wednesday the witches had their rituals in this place where the Church was to be planted. The mayor thought he would only be there a short while and they would leave because all the people in town recognized this place as the place where the witches met for there rituals and the land was cursed. When the Pastor received the land he prayed and thanked God! He anointed all four corners of the property with oil and declared this place was a Holy Place where the people would turn their hearts to God and the people of God would meet here! For years and years, nothing would grow here on this land. The land was cursed. After prayer, the church was planted. The first night 30 people showed up to receive ministry. Afterwards, the church was constructed. Now over 150 people attend church here. Grass and trees are now growing here. God has blessed them greatly! What an honor for me to preach here in this place! Thank you partners and friends!

Also, this year you have helped over 50 Tzotzil and Tzeltal Indian villages receive   God’s Word in the form of an Audio Bible.  These villages are hearing God’s Word for the first time in history for their people.  Less than 5 percent of these Indians can read or write.  God connected us with Bible translators and a ministry that produces the audio players that are powered by hand crank, battery, solar panel, and electricity.  We are able to purchase these for $100.00 each.  The company will match our donation.  The retail price is about $500.00.  God has Blessed us to work together in this endeavor.

Please join with us in prayer that we will be able to help 50 more Indian villages hear God’s Word this year.  Our budget to accomplish this is $8,000.  We are in faith to complete this outreach in 2013.

We also had the privilege of carrying 40 audio players that are solar powered to the prison in Guadalajara Mexico.  These   players will help new baby Christians that cannot read.  We are in faith to take hygiene supplies and Spanish Bibles to the Guadalajara Mexico prison Christmas outreach  again this year.  We are in faith for over 2,000 Spanish Bibles, and over 8,000 hygiene supplies. Our budget to reach out to the Mexico prison is $10,000.00.  Please stand in faith with us!  Last year, over 500 men and women surrendered their lives to Jesus through this outreach.  Praise God!  Many testimonies are still coming forth from all that happened last year!

Ellen and I want to thank you for your prayer and financial support for this mission! Together, we are seeing the Kingdom of God advanced in Mexico!

Guadalajara Ministry Update

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We are so thankful for all God did through you this past year! We are celebrating the results together!

Over 150 men and women in the Guadalajara, Mexico Prison received Jesus as Lord of their lives this past Christmas! All the Spanish Bibles you helped to plant in this prison are in the hands of hungry hearts and the Word of God is accomplishing His wonderful work in their lives. Thank you for helping us to reach out further than we ever have and to touch more lives than ever before! God is Good! We are purposing to reach out to the Tzotzil and Tzeltal Indians of Chiapas, Mexico this year. We will be conducting a pastors conference in Chiapas Mexico this year. Many of these village pastors are preparing and expecting now for this conference this year. Your support will help send me to be there to minister to these leaders for one week. We want to see them so encouraged, so filled with the Spirit of God, so on fire for God, so confident of the vision and call God has placed on their life to see Chiapas won for Jesus! Please stand in agree- ment with us for the move of the Holy Spirit during this life changing conference this summer. We are expecting! We also will be giving out one Audio Bible per village in Tzotzil and Tzeltal to the illiterate Indians in Chiapas Mexico this year. Praise the Lord! We currently have 14 of these Audio bibles now. For every $100.00 gift we can purchase one of these audio bibles. We have need of 52 more of these radios now. In total, from last year the 34 you helped send and this year 66 we will together take 100 to change the lives of these Indians in Chiapas, Mexico. Thank you partners!